Do CRM Right With Veeva And Katalyst.

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We live in a world in which interactions through a single touch point to a single customer is no longer a reality. Your teams need to better understand your customers, enabling them to collaborate on, and communicate targeted messages and content through multiple channels that customers prefer. Veeva’s integrated commercial suite of applications includes: Veeva Network for a complete customer view, Veeva CRM for multichannel execution and Veeva Vault for compliant content , giving you the confidence you need to move the needle on your business.

World class service.

As a Veeva Web Approved Partner, we provide requirements gathering, content creation, user adoption, data integration, analytics and comprehensive services to leverage the robust capabilities of the Veeva Commercial Cloud ensuring that our clients get the most out of their investment. Although there are a number of alternative platform available, our considerable experience points to significant cost savings and stress reduction through selecting and implementing Veeva’s best-in-class life sciences focused CRM and Content Management platform.

What does Veeva say about Katlyst

From the start, Katalyst has made the investment to be a best-in-class content provider for Veeva’s multichannel solutions. They are a great and collaborative partner. The Klick team stays well-versed on the iRep and the latest enhancements to ensure they deliver the very best for our joint customers.

Robust Partnership

The strong partnership between Katlyst and Veeva enhances our ability to maximize client return on investment in the Veeva Commercial Suite. Veeva and Katalyst are extremely focused on achieving client success; Veeva actively seeks feedback from Katalyst on Veeva’s offerings and solicits Katalyst’s input on what our clients need. This pursuit of continuous improvement aligns with how Katalyst operates and ensures that we can collectively stay ahead of where the market is going. Katalyst works closely with Veeva’s product development team to innovate on how content can be used creatively to add new functionalities within Veeva CRM. One manifestation of this collaboration is an in-detail ‘shopping cart’ that gathers the relevant content during the detailing session and for email distribution and follow-up afterwards.