Top Seven Reasons to Partner With Katalyst

If you’re looking to make a confident decision in choosing your agency partner, we thought it would be helpful to share a quick summary of why we might be the right kind of business partner for you.

Our Top Ten

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    • We’re a new kind of agency designed for today’s business challenges.

    • Channel consumption trends have radically evolved in the last decade. Your audience is likely now “digital first” and the reality is that a large portion (if not the majority) of your budget is now focused online. So what have most traditional agencies done? They’ve added a “now serving digital” sign on their banner. Do you truly believe it? We’re different from the ground up. We’re data geeks that appreciate fine art. We're MBAs who have also worked as clinical pharmacists. We’re the new definition of “agency” with traditional companies left scrambling to catch up. We’re the right mix of business consultancy, creative agency, and technology shop all in one unified business. It is this unique blend that sets us apart and positions us to tackle your most complex challenges in today’s contemporary media environment.

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    • Our independence eliminates the “multinational network” shenanigans.

    • In the spirit of full transparency, many of us at Katalyst have experienced former lives at “network agencies”. We know what goes on and how silly the decision making process can be. Frankly, many of us became frustrated and disenfranchised at the many decisions that negatively impacted our clients at the time. This included headcount reductions, changing teams like a revolving door, and partnering with “sister” agencies that often met for the first time in a client boardroom. This made no sense from a client perspective. Venting aside, we’ve all found our sanctuary at Katalyst. We’re now empowered to fully deliver on the promises that we make. We’re not beholden to quarterly numbers or the underperformance of a cousin agency. We’re laser focused on our clients and their success. What a refreshing change.

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    • In our 17 years, we’ve never merged with or acquired anyone.

    • Let’s face it. Healthcare marketing is different and deep vertical expertise is a huge asset. We can empathize with your situation as we've been there; many of Katalyst’s staff have migrated from client side environments. We know how much trust you place in your agency partner and your ultimate goal of delivering confidently on your objectives. We’re with you for the journey. We also have significant depth on the medical side as well. We feel that the best way to understand a healthcare practitioner is to having them working alongside you.

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    • Our solutions span the full breadth of lifecycle stages and disease states.

    • A key benefit of scale is the depth of experience that we have at each lifecycle stage. From market shaping and commercial foundations through to final days of revenue maximization before LOE, our experience allows us to customize solutions to a brand’s specific needs. Additionally, we have a diverse portfolio of therapeutic class experience which means that we’ve likely worked in your class before (or at least have strong analog experience). We’re proud to have a passport with the following stamps: biologics, IV, sub-q, ultra-rare disease, orphan, REMS, black box, CNS, Oncology, Immunology, Cardiovascular, Respiratory, Diabetes, Gastroenterology, Hematology, and more.

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    • We make lawyers happy (and bored).

    • When is the last time you heard an agency boasting of its compliance record and regulatory training programs? At Katalyst, we understand the critical importance of attention to detail in the healthcare space. We require our staff to complete similar training to that of our clients. We’re not about to waste your time (or money) with ideas that never even stand a chance of seeing the light of day. Nor will we waste valuable PRC / MRL time with error-prone submissions. Our goal is to deliver quality assets that are compliant and powerful. Whether Black Box, REMS, or Breakthrough Status, we’ve done it before and have the experience you need.

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    • We’re the data experts so you don’t have to be.

    • We can all agree that the world has changed significantly with “Amazon” style experiences having become a pretty standard consumer expectation. That has serious implications for the way you go to market in today’s world. It’s no longer about simply building a website. It’s about using an explosion of data to make evidence based business decisions. Why are Google, Facebook, and Netflix wining? It’s all about the data. We’ve engineered a business to get the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Let us show you how we can help you hardness the data driven advantage. We use data to uncover powerful insights and make better business decisions.

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    • We’re digital natives (not actors playing digital wannabes)

    • Digital isn’t an afterthought at Katalyst - we were founded as a digitally centric company. Compare that to the marketplace where everyone seems to be jumping on the digital bandwagon nowadays. Just as in most things in life, we suggest you really “kick the tires” of any potential partner you might choose to work with. Take a peak at what’s behind the curtain. Does your partner have real depth or is it a token digital expert with all the work being outsourced to a “sister agency”? At Katalyst, we have the experts who’ve grown up in the digital realm. We’ve honed our processes and do all our work in house. Would you rather work with the real experts or those who just claim to be?

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    • We like surprising our clients with a little extra.

    • We are obsessed with the experiences that we create for our clients, whether that be the engaging digital solutions we develop, the day-to-day review meetings or the well-orchestrated client visits to our office. We look to give a little extra in order that the time you spend engaging with our work and our people is simply awesome!

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