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Katalyst is a new digital health company owned by Klick, the world's largest independent health agency. Why is Klick continually recognized as Agency of the Year? It’s simple. For over 17 years, we’ve been delivering cutting edge solutions to help drive tangible business results. We deliver on time and on budget without surprise.

Applied Innovations

Our applied innovations are purposefully designed to solve your real world problems.

Real Experience

Being independent, we’re able to attract the best and brightest to work on your business.

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Full Commercialization Expertise
Marketing, Sales, Operations
Across the Lifecycle
We know one size doesn’t fit all. Your business needs change and your digital solutions need to keep pace. From shaping the market pre-launch to staking a claim for a late-on-market drug, we create customized solutions that drive your business forward.
See our solutions for each lifecyle stage.
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// The Need

Product is in Phase III prior to approval and launch. How do you establish market presence?

// Our Thinking

Develop a pre-launch market shaping strategy to establish an unmet need through unbranded disease state education and KOL engagement, with the added capability to share relevant non-branded data.


// The Need

Product is gearing up for launch – not yet approved, but PDUFA date is known. Need to prep the market and be in an optimal position at launch. What is the best digital launch strategy?

// Our Thinking

Develop a comprehensive, orchestrated digital product launch strategy targeting patients and HCPs to establish brand awareness and promote trial and engagement. Execute a sophisticated array of digital assets with well-defined metrics and extensive eCRM programs linked to registration.


// The Need

Product is post-launch with declining revenue growth. How do you re-energize the brand and/or market and drive sales?

// Our Thinking

Create and execute digital strategies that introduce relevant data in a meaningful way to targeted HCPs to promote appropriate prescribing. Develop patient programs that help facilitate engagement with their physicians and/or reinforce compliance.

Nearing LOE (Loss of Exclusivity)

// The Need

Product is late in its lifecycle. How do you use digital to leverage market experience and drive profitability?

// Our Thinking

Apply new creative thinking to targeted branded digital solutions in sync with key messaging and positioning. Leverage any available longer term data and integrate proven experience and testimonials across multiple channels to stimulate new trial and experience.

Our Leadership

What We Do:

We have full service AOR capabilities designed to tackle today’s most complex business challenges

What we do

We have full service AOR capabilities designed to tackle today’s most complex business challenges

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  • Positioning
  • Key Messages
  • Focus Groups
  • 1-1 Interviews
  • Modeling


Developing a solid brand foundation

creative icon


  • Conceptual
  • Cross Channel
  • Brand Identity
  • Print & Video
  • Digital


Innovative ideas that transcend media ideas

content icon


  • Medical Writing
  • Long / Short
  • Claim Research
  • Clinical Review
  • MRL Experts


Medical writing for HCPs and patients

media icon


  • Research
  • Planning
  • Buying
  • Multichannel
  • Optimization


Advance media capabilities for max efficiency

production icon


  • Broadcast
  • Print
  • Digital
  • Live Events
  • Multilingual


Experience to deliver assets confidently

integration icon


  • Channels
  • Tactics
  • Stakeholders
  • Vendors
  • Partners


We are well connected and good partners

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  • Cross Media
  • Attribution
  • Forecasting
  • Media Mix
  • Optimization


Multichannel attribution measurement

Klick Labs

Welcome to the Lab.

The lab is our factory for innovation. We take thousands of new ideas and distill them down to a few effective highly refined and solutions.

Applied Innovations
  • Veeva Solutions

    Klick is Veeva's premier partner. We have the expertise to customize and deploy the full suite of Veeva solutions.

    Get started with Veeva
  • Klick Labs

    Klick Labs is focused on developing applied innovations that help improve performance and reduce costs.

    See our innovations
  • Sensei Labs

    We’re changing the way biotechs commercialize their products. See how we help companies move faster.

    Evolve faster now
Katalyst's Operating System

Hello Genome

Clients often ask us how we can move so quickly without tripping. It’s not luck, it’s Genome (aka our secret sauce). This proprietary tool allows us to collaborate and coordinate more effectively, giving us an edge over the competition.

Business Development

Media Relations

Human Resources

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